March 7, 2011

a treasure from the kuala berang night market

After seeing these last week at the KB Tuesday night market (yea, I'm a regular), I hereby declare that all chicken nuggets should be heart-shaped. And they should come on happy little skewers like these.

Just wanted to share, because the last time chicken nuggets made me smile I think I was eight years old. After the past few years of transitioning from a non-discerning carnivore to ovolactopescetarian to careful omnivore to eater-of-all-things-but-especially-rice, things have come full circle and I can say with confidence that I will henceforth unquestionably eat anything in the shape of a heart - even if there are parts of a chicken in these things that I'm probably not even aware is edible... 

I'm not sure what Michael Pollan's stance on heartitarianism is (or will be... you know, once it catches on...) but if people can claim that an egg tastes better when it comes from a happy chicken, it's just as valid to point out that heart-shaped food is simply more delicious than food in any other shape.
To all the moms who use heart-shaped cookie cutters on their kid's PB&J in the morning, you should know: Malaysia's got your back.

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